National relocations

Salaris Global Mobility is the solution for your relocation, small or large.

Whether the moving of your goods has to take place in the Rome metropolitan area, or in any other part of Italy, including the islands, we are able to provide the solution most suited to your needs.

By choosing Salaris you’ll be sure that everything contained in your flat, home, or office will be packed, disassembled, transported, and put back in place carefully and precisely, and above all by regularly hired and trusted personnel.

The quality of the service is guaranteed by our experienced, specialized personnel, and by equipment always suited to the individual needs, like hoists that can reach even the 12thfloor. We can carry out relocations even in historic centres, in limited traffic areas, and in hard-to-access locations. Our office will directly handle all the necessary authorizations as well as coordinate operations and timing.

All the interventions are protected by specific and adequate insurance coverage.

In addition to guaranteeing a perfectly executed relocation, our efficiency allows us to do so at the best price on the market. Salaris means quality and safety at the right price.

Choose the moving formula that’s right for you!

National dedicated moving

Salaris Global Mobility helps you in moving your goods from and to any part of Italy, with a service tailor-made for your needs. The direct and dedicated moving service is the utmost expression of this.

Once disassembled, all belongings and furnishings will be packed with the utmost care, order, and precision, before being loaded onto heavy goods vehicles equipped with air suspension and all the devices of use for preventing damage to the materials

Once they have arrived at and been delivered to the new home or office, all the items will be taken up by our personnel, who shall see to unpacking, assembling the furniture, and arranging the personal effects as instructed.

National groupage moving

The groupage moving service combines quality and consistency with considerable economic savings of up to 50%. In this type of moving, the furnishings and personal effects of several customers are transported in a single trip, thus optimizing and sharing the costs.

As in the case of dedicated moving, our personnel will see to preparing the materials to be moved, which will be placed for travel on a single vehicle, with all the necessary measures taken.

Salaris offers numerous groupage possibilities, as its substantial vehicle fleet and several locations allow it to make more frequent trips. In particular, groupage moving is carried out from and to: Pisa, Florence, Livorno, Siena, Bologna, Milan, Turin, Genoa, Padua, Venice, Naples, Sardinia, and Sicily

International moving

We place all our experience and professionalism at your disposal to handle and carry out reliable and affordable international relocations throughout Europe.

Starting a new chapter in your own personal or professional life is easier thanks to Salaris Global Mobility.

We have all our licenses in order as needed for this type of moving, and both the travelling and office personnel is skilled in the bureaucratic formalities connected with international moving and export and import customs operations if required by the country of origin and/or destination.

Our offices will be available to provide support for all aspects of relocation: from looking for a school for the kids, to the formalities for electricity and gas supply, directly in the destination country.

Salaris Global Mobility can offer the GROUPAGE formula for relocation abroad as well, with frequent trips to the major European destinations, and weekly ones from and to its location in United Kingdom.

With Salaris, relocating in Europe is quick, safe, and affordable.

Discover right away the benefits of our international moves and of the weekly Italy/UK/Italy service.

Intercontinental moving

Even moving overseas has never been so simple.

With our in-depth knowledge of transport dynamics and international laws, we can guarantee total assistance and efficiency, even in the case of the relocation of goods anywhere on Earth. Intercontinental moving between Italy and any foreign country is carried out by land, sea, or air.

The choice of mode of transport is assessed based on the destination, the quantity and type of material to be transported, and scheduling needs. Salaris Global Mobility’s personnel will monitor the entire moving process and the goods’ path, for a turnkey, damage-free intercontinental relocation, with confidence of meeting time constraints.

It does not matter how far life takes you: with Salaris, your belongings will always travel with you.


Our main routes

ITALY: Pisa, Florence, Livorno, Siena, Bologna, Milan, Turin, Genoa, Padua, Venice, Naples, Sardinia, and Sicily

EUROPE: Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Holland, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Malta

USA: Italy, USA.

CHINA: Italy, China.

JAPAN: Italy, Japan.

DUBAI: Italy, Dubai.

Moving for companies and public and private bodies

Relocating a public body, a major corporation, or an embassy does not mean merely transporting furniture and equipment. It means, above all, guaranteeing the continuity of the services and reducing as much as possible any inconvenience for employees and the public.

Relocations of offices and companies require specific preparation and a logistics structure that allows all the problems of so complex an operation to be managed.

Whatever the size of the office or company, Salaris Global Mobility offers a quick, efficient, safe and reliable service carried out by highly qualified personnel with all the necessary skills and equipment.

Salaris will handle moving equipment and putting it back in place. It will also see to restoring electronic apparatus to service, from the computer network to the server rack. Special attention is devoted to transporting safes and armoured cabinets. The service is guaranteed both domestically and internationally. For an assess of the specific moving needs of your organization, body, or company, contact us.


Archiving service

To respond comprehensively to the needs of companies, public bodies, and organizations, Salaris Global Mobility offers a specific service dedicated to keeping and moving material and digital archives.

In particular, we deal with:

Transporting the archive

Digital conservation in compliance with regulations

Physical archiving of documents

Current archives and repositories


Moving abroad is a complex and delicate operation, which brings with it a particular load of emotion and commitment.
This is why, quite often, international bodies, companies, and ministry and defence organizations entrust to others the task of arranging every detail for the international relocation of their collaborators, executives, and officers.

Salaris Global Mobility offers a service dedicated to Corporate and Personal Relocation. Starting from a dedicated consulting, the actual needs are assessed. Once the individual needs and priorities are identified, we see to planning and organizing such interventions as:



Legal assistance

Customs assistance

Bureaucratic formalities for expatriate individuals and families

Healthcare procedures for pets

Search for housing, hooking up to electricity, etc.

Hoist and vehicle rental

Salaris Global Mobility’s vehicle and equipment fleet is also available for rent. We support your activity and your work with technologically advanced and versatile vehicles that guarantee performance and safe use.

To assess the type of equipment most suited to your needs, and the modes of rental, contact us.

Packing materials

Poorly executed packaging is among the most common causes of damage during transport or relocation. This is why, at Salaris Global Mobility, we deal directly with the operations of packing the most delicate or complex items, thus saving not only time, but money above all.

We supply to the customer, or bring directly when moving, all the material needed to protect your goods: from cardboard boxes to special protections, purpose-made where necessary.


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